(Video) Stunning new footage reveals how the Anfield Road Stand redevelopment is coming together.


The Anfield Road end of Liverpool’s famous old stadium has seen impressive progress, according to stunning new footage released by The Athletic’s James Pearce

The stand is expected to be completed in time for the start of the next season, increasing Anfield’s capacity to over 61,000 seats.

The footage shows that the new stand is nearly identical, albeit smaller, to the current Main Stand, which opened in September of 2016.

The stand facing the Kop will soon be able to hold 15,000 fans alone, more than the entire capacity of Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium (11,379), according to 3D images released at the end of last year.

Liverpool's new kit
Liverpool’s new kit

The club has big goals on the field and is expected to be busy in the summer transfer window, but it’s also nice to see good things happening off the field.





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