March 3, 2024
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According to Phil Hay, the EFL was “very unhappy” with Leeds United this summer because they announced their takeover before it was properly ratified

Phil Hay
Phil Hay

On The Square Ball Saturday (9 September), the Athletic journalist stated that the Whites did not come “a cropper” for issuing such a brief statement on June 9 to state that an agreement had been reached between 49ers Enterprises and Andrea Radrizzani’s Aser Ventures, despite the fact that the new rules that were being enforced against it were not yet in place.

It was only after more than a month after the fact that the association supported the deal to the club’s new proprietors (17 July) after a painful pause, and Roughage accepts it is “telling” that the EFL have acquainted guidelines with stay away from such a circumstance.
14 minutes and 45 seconds later, he said, I believe that the fact that the EFL has recently implemented new rules that prohibit you from essentially announcing a takeover is quite telling.

“Leeds did that, and I don’t think the EFL was very happy about it. However, I don’t think Leeds lost because the rules weren’t in place at the time, but they are now.
The 49ers now have complete control over Leeds United, and the club is in a much more secure position than they were a few months ago thanks to the answers to their managerial and transfer market questions.

Even though Angus Kinnear has now spoken extensively with The Square Ball on September 7, fans did not know much about Elland Road’s future for several weeks this summer.

Andrea Radrizzani

Even though Andrea Radrizzani is currently in Italy and using Twitter to respond to his former CEO, there was a time when there was a possibility that his sale would be rejected and the club would be thrown into even greater turmoil than it ended up being.
While it would have saved the EFL from being the subject of Leeds allies’ dissatisfactions for quite a long time it would have ostensibly compounded the situation for the fanbase had the new guidelines previously been set up before the arrangement on a basic level was concurred.

It was a distinct falling flat of the previous proprietor, and furthermore the new ones, that alternate courses of action hadn’t been set up for transfer, and deferred such countless imperative moves thus.

Even if it were weeks before a sale became public, the days that followed the announcement of a return to the Championship were already bad enough.

The majority of Whites fans will simply be glad that the turmoil of the summer is now largely over because they generally assume that the EFL is unhappy with the club at the best of times. Hay’s most recent update will not come as a surprise to them.

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