Piers Morgan mocks Liverpool fans for their actions against Brentford.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan

Liverpool defeated Brentford in a hard-fought match at Anfield, with Mo Salah scoring the game-winning goal

However, prior to the game, Liverpool fans demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the establishment by booing the national anthem played to commemorate the King’s coronation.

Salah and Gakpo
Salah and Gakpo

The people of Merseyside have had issues with the country’s establishment, and they used this opportunity to express their feelings.

Even before the anthem was played, a loud chorus of boos erupted throughout the stadium, with those sentiments being broadcast so loudly that the anthem itself was barely audible on TV coverage.

Football The reaction to the Liverpool fans’ jeering on Twitter was mixed, with popular TV host and Arsenal fan Piers Morgan taking to the platform.

He retweeted the video with a caption that described Liverpool fans’ actions as “pathetic.”

Despite the controversy, Liverpool won to keep their hopes of finishing in the top four alive.

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