Liverpool takeover price jumps on confirmed Overseas news


According to sources, the price of a Liverpool acquisition has risen as a result of verifiable overseas news


The win of UEFA and FIFA over the surviving Super League plotters at the European Court of Justice has raised trust among possible Liverpool investors and increased the club’s acquisition price, according to Football Insider.

The European Union’s highest legal authority has proposed that clubs that participate in breakaway competitions be sanctioned by UEFA and FIFA.

The judgement is not legally enforceable, but a comprehensive decision from the Luxembourg court is expected in the spring along the same lines.

It is believed that the deteriorating chances of clubs on the continent relaunching the Super League reinforce the Premier League’s status as the world’s most lucrative club competition.

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp

That in turn means Liverpool’s broadcast and commercial income will remain high for years to come, thereby fortifying their value in the eyes of investors.

A legal source told Football Insider before of the recommendation that a favorable finding in favor of FIFA and UEFA would help Fenway Sports Group in their quest to gain investment in Liverpool.

FSG has already acknowledged that their position on the Super League has not altered since they and eight co-conspirators abandoned the initiative in April of last year.

Elliott and Carvalho
Elliott and Carvalho

The severity of supporters’ feelings of isolation is likely to dissuade Premier League clubs from joining a future breakaway tournament.

The announcement that the UK government would establish an independent football authority in 2023 is yet another barrier against Liverpool disrupting the status quo.

Last month, FSG announced their intention to seek external investment in the Merseysiders, albeit it is unclear if this will be in the form of a full acquisition or a half buyout.

Marco Silva's
Marco Silva’s

A deal has been linked to consortiums from the United States, India, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

On November 29, a source told Football Insider that interested parties had been informed that the value of Premier League TV rights could fall by up to £750 million by the next auction.

In other developments, a pundit advises Liverpool to recruit a replacement for Luis Diaz in January, after a source reveals “two fresh signings lined up.”





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