Liverpool 4-3 Tottenham: last-ditch comeback The epic Tottenham comeback is ruined by Jota’s goal.


When Tottenham Hotspur were defeated 3-0 by Liverpool in the first 15 minutes, some of the visiting Spurs fans began to leave Anfield

They ended up losing a big match. Tottenham managed to claw their way back into the game despite conceding three quick goals. Harry Kane scored in the first half to cut the lead to 3-1 at halftime, Son added another curling strike in the second half, and then in extra time, substitute Richarlison scored his first Premier League goal of the season to tie the score at 3-3.


Ryan Mason and his team must have thought they could escape with a point, but Diego Jota, who should not have been on the field after kicking Oliver Skipp in the head, capitalized on a terrible backpass from Lucas Moura to score and give Liverpool a 4-3 victory.

That was insane, to say the least. My match reactions are listed below.

Reactions to matches
What an odd game. You’d think I’d be furious after the way it started, but Spurs played their way back into it and thoroughly deserved to win. In fact, with a little luck, they could have won this match twice in a row. Spurs should’ve been up a man at the end after three balls off the post and one bizarrely uncalled penalty.

Of course, Spurs conceded early, and of course, it was all Pedro Porro’s fault; that appears to be the common thread. Porro was so focused on doubling Cuti’s man that he didn’t even look to see if Jones was lurking at the back post. It’s far too simple.


Liverpool only had to cut Spurs open for the second goal. Terrible marking, and even worse defense.

I don’t have much to say about the penalty. Cuti not only got him with the trailing leg, but he also got him with the leading leg.

Skipp is lucky he didn’t get sent off for his tackle on Luis Diaz. Studs up to the ankle, which could have easily been red. However, Diego Jota scored the game-winning goal and literally kicked Skippy in the head, so I’m not sure.

To be sure, Spurs’ first-half goal was spectacular. Skipp started the move with an excellent ball, Perisic put his defender on skates, and Kane finished clinically. That was a fantastic team goal. It’s a shame you gave up three points first.

It’s hard to argue that the Spurs didn’t have chances to get back into the game in the first half. Two shots were blocked by the last defenders, and Sonny hit one off the post. Spurs really took it to Liverpool in the second half, hitting the post twice more. Spurs could have won this game 7-4 if they had been a little more clinical.

Mason Mount
Mason Mount

Mason made another interesting tactical change in the second half when he substituted Sarr for Kulusevski, switching the formation to a 3-5-2. Mason has really impressed me over the last two games — there’s only so much he can do, but he has Spurs playing better than they have in months.

Sonny scored a fantastic goal, taking the strike the way he used to before everything was trash! Cuti made a good pass to set it up as well.

Richarlison needed that for his confidence, and he’s been excellent the last two games, so I was so happy for him. Shame he wasn’t able to celebrate a goal at Anfield.

Today’s ON ONE featured Paul Tierney. In addition to the kick against Skippy, a flagrant penalty against Richarlison was reviewed but not awarded. I believed he detested Liverpool rather than Spurs!

Mason Mount
Mason Mount

After Jota’s goal, Jurgen Klopp was his usual arrogant self, but at least he tore his hamstring yelling at the third official.

Now that Lucas Moura should never be seen again, can we all agree on that? Even though Eric Dier was terrible, his backpass was far worse than anything else he did in this game!

Though this was a heartbreaking defeat, I’m not upset about it. Others may be, and that’s okay — there are good reasons to be angry! — but after a terrible start, this was a strangely encouraging performance.

Sincerely, I’d rather lose a lot of games like this one than endure another season of struggleball played with a low block and a defense that prioritizes defense. The outcome was heartbreaking, but boy was it fun!

















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