‘It has emerged,’ says David Ornstein, of what’multiple sources’ have told him about Liverpool.


David Ornstein provided an update on Liverpool and their pursuit of Jude Bellingham on the Walk On Podcast

On Monday, it was reported that the Reds are becoming increasingly unlikely to sign Bellingham, and Ornstein has now gone on the record to tell what he knows about the situation.

The writer does state that the Reds are unlikely to sign Bellingham at this time, but he also states that a deal is not out of the question.


Ornstein discussed what he’s been hearing about the Bellingham pursuit.

“Three people have emerged as perhaps his strongest suitors. Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid are all interested in the deal, although it appears increasingly doubtful that Liverpool will complete it this summer. “I will always include that proviso because things change in this field and firm choices have yet to be made,” Ornstein explained.

“I believe it is critical to emphasize that Liverpool’s pursuit is not dead, but that is our assessment of the current scenario after consulting with various sources with knowledge of the situation across this industry.” I’ll conclude by noting that Liverpool is hesitant to engage in a bidding battle at that level of finance; this is a completely other ballgame. We are not predicting how this will end; we are simply relaying what we are hearing at this time.”

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham


The Bellingham relocation may not be complete yet, but it appears to be on its last legs.

Indeed, with Real Madrid and Manchester City both putting in strong bids, Liverpool may be priced out of a move.

It’s a shame because Bellingham may be exactly what Liverpool need to usher in a new era, but realistically, the Reds can’t shop at that end of the market right now while FSG continues to seek outside investment in the club.

Jude Bellingham's
Jude Bellingham’s

It would be extremely unlikely for Bellingham to wind up at Anfield from here.

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