‘I don’t care’: Liverpool’s £20 million star should start every game even if he’s terrible in training – Danny Murphy

Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson, regardless of form, should start every game for Liverpool

Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool midfielder, believes this. Murphy suggested on TalkSPORT that Jurgen Klopp should play Henderson even if he isn’t training well.

“I don’t watch them train, but I’m still amazed every time I see a Liverpool team sheet. Henderson plays every game for me, regardless of how he trains. Still. He’s the midfield’s lifeblood, he’s still got the legs to do it, and for some reason, he [Klopp] continues leaving him out,” the commentator stated.

Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson

“I know Fabinho has had a difficult time. However, if you have players who have done two or three years of outstanding seasons for you and have been consistent, let them go through their poor phase before bringing them back in.

“So I think some of his [Klopp’s] recent decisions have been a little weird. However, the players must accept some responsibility.”

Henderson has recently lost his starting spot to Naby Keita as Klopp attempts to resolve his midfield issues.

Henderson has not earned his spot.

Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson

No way, we’re not on board with this. Every player for Liverpool must earn every start. Henderson has simply not been good enough to do so this season.

To be fair to Klopp, he’s given his captain plenty of opportunities. It’s not like Hendo was bombed out of the side.

The 32-year-old started the season in Liverpool’s starting lineup. With the likes of Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain out, he had a great chance to seal the deal.

Instead, Henderson appeared to experience a precipitous and rapid drop. Regardless of what Murphy claims, the £20 million man no longer appears capable of haring around as the box-to-box midfielder Liverpool desperately needs.

Jordan Henderson
Jordan Henderson

As a result, you won’t find many Reds fans complaining about his absence right now.

Despite what happened over the weekend, Keita has proven to be a better temporary replacement. Prior to the Wolves fiasco, Liverpool appeared more stronger with the Guinean in place of Henderson. Things may change as the season develops, but for the time being, we’re pleased with Klopp’s choice of captain.

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