Henry makes a clue about Bellingham and compares the Dortmund midfielder to the Liverpool star

Tierry Henry
Tierry Henry

Thierry Henry has been discussing Jude Bellingham’s abilities and has hinted at his next club

Borussia Dortmund were defeated 2-0 on the night in the second leg of the Champions League against Chelsea.

Bellingham played the entire game but had a rather quiet game by his standards. He showed some glimpses of brilliance but was unable to distinguish himself on the night.

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham

The conjecture about his future is only anticipated to grow in the coming months. A bidding war is expected, with several elite teams vying for his signing.

Henry talked about Bellingham’s skills and what he would contribute to the next club he joins.

“He’s complete, he likes to demonstrate some mobility, skills moving forward,” Henry told CBS Sports.

“What I appreciate about him is that he constantly wants the ball, that he never hides whether he needs to defend or attack, that he’s always on the ball looking to see if he can feed his strikers.

Tierry Henry
Tierry Henry

“This is what I appreciate about him, he’s eager to try and get the ball back – it’s not simply about talents in football. He’ll get the ball, see whether he can play, move around and pass it, be available, then pass it to his friend again.

“He can do whatever he wants right now, and we all know that’s why so many people want him because he has it in his locker.”

Liverpool had long been interested in the midfielder, so Henry immediately asked Jamie Carragher: “We all have a notion of where he might end up, Jamie, right?”

The former Arsenal and Barcelona forward was then asked if the teenager reminds him of anyone in particular.


“Yes, he does, I have to say,” Henry remarked. It’s a difficult one. I used to like the way Stevie G used to play because he had something – he used to grab his squad and everyone played better.

“When he scored that goal in the [2005 Champions League] final, I saw you look at him and say, ‘We’ll follow you,’ and Stevie G had that.

“I’m not sure if he has that, but if we talk about that talent that he has and if he goes to that team that we all know you adore, he has the potential to make that influence.”

Bellingham is believed to have his pick of clubs in the summer, with Liverpool likely on the top of the list.

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