After Brighton’s defeat, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his “great concern” and made a transfer suggestion.


Liverpool lost against Brighton on Saturday by a score of 3-0

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp

When asked if he was worried about the club’s current situation, Klopp responded: “Yes, how could you not be motivated by a match like this? I can’t just pretend it didn’t happen from where I am. We must, of course, take this situation seriously.

“Bad. really awful I don’t recall playing a worse game. a really challenging day. Maybe it’s not too challenging. Brighton deserved to win since they were the superior team. They did a great job playing. A extremely organized squad was playing against a less organized team. We lost the ball because we couldn’t push ourselves up and the spaces were too wide.

“That is certainly bad, especially when playing a team as well-prepared as Brighton. While we acted in the other way, they gained confidence. They had a terrific performance, and we made it too simple in too many instances, so I can only assume they are quite pleased.”

Cody Gakpo's training
Cody Gakpo’s training

“The thought was that. But we never executed it correctly. The worst thing we ever did was to be somewhat in the middle. We could have performed better, but we didn’t, which is why I appeared as I did. With the choices we have, we must exercise creativity. Today, I observed that my team was not entirely persuaded by it. I’m done now.”

“How do you account for [what is wrong? Even though the same players played fantastic football, it may appear like such if things aren’t properly organized. We were frequently a little late and such such stuff.

The two worst things that may happen in football are losing the ball too quickly and failing to win crucial challenges. That cannot be resolved by any formation.

There have been additional requests for the Reds’ midfield to be bolstered in the transfer market after spending an initial £37 million on Cody Gakpo this month, but Klopp indicated that other recruits are unlikely to join the team in his pre-Brighton press conference.

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