‘Wow, that’s amazing,’ says Rio Ferdinand after hearing what Mohamed Salah has to say.

Rio Ferdinand and salah
Rio Ferdinand and salah

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool has been speaking about the Champions League and goal-scoring with Rio Ferdinand, who has been left speechless by his thought process

During an episode of BT Sport’s Between The Lines, the ‘Egyptian king’ and former Manchester United defender discussed the attacker’s emphatic goal against Rangers.

Klopp Salah

“I was just looking to go outside, but I thought he was really smart to just stand and wait for his teammate [to block the inside route],” Salah explained.

“At the time, I was thinking, ‘How can I hit the ball just to pass him?'” The keeper cannot see the ball because the keeper is in his way. He is unable to see the ball properly.”

“So you’re seeing this?” Ferdinand inquired, to which Salah replied, “Of course.”

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand

“Wow. That’s incredible,” he exclaimed. “So you’re running at full speed in the game, and you’ve slowed it down to say the defender is here in front of me two vs one, but the defender is in front of him, so I just need a yard to go bang.” That’s the grade.”

“That’s why the keeper didn’t even try, because it’s so hard to see the ball,” Salah claimed.

Ferdinand was taken aback by Salah’s thought process.
This demonstrates how intelligent and quick-thinking football’s elite attackers are.

Instead of trying to use his incredible speed on every play, he pits opposing players against one another.

Rio Ferdinand and salah
Rio Ferdinand and salah

The 30-year-old’s thought process is truly astounding, and even a world-class defender like Ferdinand seemed impressed by the tactic.

Salah is now absolutely necessary for Jurgen Klopp and his team.

He is not only the team’s goal scorer, but he is also clearly a playmaker.

As a result, if the team is to get back to where it should be, the winger will have to lead the way.


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