Wenham believes Tottenham should sign the player by June 30th in response to “Chelsea’s bizarre decision.”

According to John Wenham, Conor Gallagher could be signed by Tottenham thanks to Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from Chelsea

Pochettino’s “bizarre” departure from Chelsea astonished Lilywhite Rose, the proprietor of a respectable Spurs podcast.

Conor Gallagher
Conor Gallagher

Gallagher’s possible sale is believed to be one of the reasons the former Spurs manager departed Stamford Bridge, and the midfielder has been linked to a move to North London (via The Independent, 29 May).

And according to Wenham, who is only speaking to Tottenham News, the 24-year-old would help Spurs.

Wenham observed, “This story doesn’t seem to go away; the links are constant.”

Gallagher’s departure is more possible now that Chelsea has made the strange choice to split from Pochettino.

“This month is the perfect time to get it done if we’re ever going to sign him.

“I do believe he enhances our options in the midfield, particularly in the summer when I anticipate many changes in that area.”

Conor Gallagher
Conor Gallagher

Conor Gallagher is expected to leave Chelsea due to Tottenham’s interest.
Gallagher staying at Chelsea is unlikely.

Pochettino was a huge fan of him, and the Argentinean’s abrupt departure raises the possibility that the England international will follow shortly after.

The Blues must sell this month to allay their financial concerns.

Furthermore, a deal for Gallagher might close quickly if Spurs make the proper offer.

In other Tottenham news, there will be “big interest” in one of the team’s players this summer.

Postecoglou informed the “best” Tottenham midfield player that he “will go” this summer; Kulusevski was also a part of the massive purge.

Amidst rumors that Tottenham has approved a massive summer clean-out, two insiders have predicted that Dejan Kulusevski and the team’s “best midfield player” will be among the dismissed players

Tottenham is reportedly ready to exhibit ruthlessness and cut a number of failing first-team players this summer, according to a recent article from The Telegraph. This happened when manager Ange Postecoglou demanded drastic adjustments.

“I need to make changes to this team,” Postecoglou declared. “I have to, as I need to assemble a team that I believe is capable of playing our football. There must be exits for that to occur.

Later, the Spurs manager said, “We need change.” There must be change.

You can’t want to drastically change your course for this club because we went in one direction and are now heading in a completely different one, and you can’t expect the same individuals to be on that. It is simply not going to occur.

“Yes, there has been some player development over the past two windows, but when I say we still have a long way to go, that’s what I mean.”

“It’s not for the want of trying,” he said in closing. To put it another way, we have specific training methods, styles of play, and mindsets, and not everyone will benefit from them.

“And in the same manner, if you look at the start of either Liverpool or Arsenal’s journey, by the time they succeed or win the competition, the team is almost unrecognizable.”

According to The Telegraph, the Spurs are open to bids for three well-known players: Richarlison, Emerson, Royal, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

Yves Bissouma, a 27-year-old midfielder, is expected to be spared because he still has one more season to prove his value, according to reports from Football Insider and the Telegraph.

Darren Lewis, a journalist, and Tim Sherwood, a former Tottenham manager, claim that Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur might be part of the change.

Is it time for Kulusevski and Bentancur to go?
Lewis mentioned Kulusevski by name in an interview with Premier League Productions when he listed the players he thinks Spurs would cut.

Lewis continued, “I believe that four or five players at Spurs will be leaving.”

“I don’t believe Richarlison will be with the team for very long. Kulusevski has lost his temper. I believe that one or two of the midfield guys are adequate. I believe Hojbjerg will depart in the summer.

Bentancur, the team’s “best midfield player,” is expected to be among those leaving, according to former Spurs manager Sherwood, who was speaking about the midfield.

Sherwood continued, “Looks like Bentancur will go.” “Tottenham supporters will tell you that he is their finest midfield player if you ask them.

“Bissouma was excellent when the season first began. Simultaneously, they have all lost their edge. Not anymore, Maddison, who was a revelation.



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