(Video) Dermot Gallagher stuns Sky host with penalty call in Liverpool game

Dermot Gallagher
Dermot Gallagher

Dermot Gallagher caused a stir inside the Sky Sports studio while giving his decision on a potential punishment yell in Liverpool’s Head Association conflict against Brighton on Sunday

The previous first class official was making his standard Monday morning appearance on Ref Watch when he gave his interpretation of the house side’s cases for a spot kick after the ball struck Virgil van Dijk’s arm inside the crate.


Official Anthony Taylor was unaffected yet the episode rankled Seagulls director Roberto De Zerbi to the place where he was shown a yellow card for disagree.

Gallagher favored the previous, saying: ” The proof is there so that everybody could see. It plainly strikes his thigh. His arm is close by. It skips up a couple of feet. It hits him, there’s no question about that, however you’d be totally paralyzed assuming a punishment was given for that.”

That decision left the Sky Sports moderator in studio dumbfounded, with a heave of “Truly?”.

We’re with the ex-Chief Association official on this one. As he accurately noticed, the ball was hit at Van Dijk from short proximity and struck his thigh first prior to diverting up onto his arm.

The handball issue can be a prickly one, however it would’ve been crazy assuming a punishment were given in that example. Taylor took care of business.

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