‘Very awful,’ says BT analyst after Liverpool player’s first-half gaffe against Bournemouth.


Trent Alexander-Arnold was chastised by Jermaine Jenas for Liverpool’s goal against Bournemouth on Saturday, telling BT Sport (broadcast on 11/3; 13:01) that he can see Philip Billing running all the way into the box before scoring the winner

After their incredible success last Saturday, the Reds were brought back down to earth. Billing scored the only goal at the Vitality Stadium, giving the Cherries a crucial win in their battle to avoid relegation.

Later in the game, Liverpool missed a penalty. But it didn’t feel like Neto had much to do in the second half to keep Gary O’Neil’s team ahead.

Jobe Bellingham,
Jobe Bellingham,

Jenas slams Alexander-Arnold following Bournemouth goal
Liverpool were certainly underwhelming. Few occasions highlight this more than the opening goal. Dango Ouattara was able to go through thanks to a ball over the top.

He breezed right past Virgil van Dijk. And he found Billing 10 yards out in the middle of the goal.

Despite having a considerable head start on the Dane, Alexander-Arnold was nowhere near him by the time Ouattara beat van Dijk. As Billing began his sprint into the box, the right-back virtually ambled back into the penalty area.

And Jenas’ attention was drawn to this as he examined the goal.


From Liverpool’s perspective, it just felt incredibly bad defensively. Trent Alexander-Arnold can probably see him running all the way. “He hasn’t had much influence and hasn’t really gotten himself in and between it where Billing assaults it,” he told BT Sport.

Much of the criticism is baseless, yet it can be tough to defend Trent at times.
Alexander-Arnold has taken a lot of heat this year for some of his defensive play. Some of it has completely crossed the line and is simply laziness.

But, there are occasions when you find it difficult to defend the 24-year-old. He has a very casual demeanor at times, which gives the impression that he has either given up on something or is not trying.

Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Van Dijk, and Robertson
Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Van Dijk, and Robertson

When it comes to moving forward, he appears to be a true gentleman. He is absolutely amazing at making things happen in the last third of the game. And he manages to be so nonchalant about it.

Billing, on the other hand, had to make one subtle move to get into plenty of space. Finally, Alexander-Arnold wasn’t actually marking anyone.

He was far from the only Liverpool player who fell short on Saturday. But he will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with his contribution to the achievement.

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