‘Upsetting the other players,’ according to a pundit, the 30-year-old could be a major issue at Liverpool.

Klopp Salah

On Off The Ball, John Giles discussed Liverpool’s problems this season as well as Mohamed Salah’s contract

The pundit was asked to pinpoint what has gone wrong at Anfield this season, as Liverpool’s form has plummeted, and the Irishman believes Salah’s contract may be at the root of a few problems.


Indeed, the Leeds United legend believes that Salah’s new contract may have upset the rest of the squad because there is now a pay disparity, which can lead to a mutiny within a squad.

Salah’s contract is a source of contention.
Giles discussed Liverpool’s issues.

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

“I believe what you said is correct. “First and foremost, we don’t know, but with a manager, it can get to the point where the players have heard the same story so many times,” Giles explained.

“I’m only guessing, but it could be the Salah situation, where he gets the new contract and it upsets the other players, and the other players aren’t happy about it because he gets more than them.” That is possible. When I think back to my time at Leeds, I’m pretty sure we were all on the same salary.”

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

“I believe every manager has a shelf life in the game.” We don’t know; it could be Salah’s contract that is upsetting the other players.”

It is possible.
This is precisely why a football club has a wage structure.

We’re not saying Salah’s contract is the root cause of Liverpool’s problems, but as Giles points out, these things can happen.


The Egyptian deserves to be paid well, but the fact that he will be paid twice as much as some key players may be a source of contention.

Money is said to be the root of all evil, and this is true in football.

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