‘They won’t win,’ says Danny Murphy of Liverpool vs. Manchester United.

Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy has been previewing Liverpool’s clash versus Manchester United at Anfield this weekend on Five

Murphy knows a thing or two about these kinds of games. Throughout his playing career, he had a tendency for scoring game-changing goals against the Red Devils, but he’s not overly confident going into this game.

Indeed, Murphy has projected a draw between these two teams, adding that if any club can win, it could be Liverpool.



The analyst predicted how the game will play out.

“I believe Liverpool will charge out at 100 miles per hour. They must strive to disturb this Manchester United team. Similar to what they accomplished in the Madrid game, the problem was that they couldn’t sustain it and were picked apart.

“You have to disturb this side and not make them comfortable, they have too many players who have been there, done it and received the T-shirt, Varane, Martinez, Shaw, Casemiro. They will not be intimidated by the trip to Anfield.

Danny Murphy

“My main concern for Liverpool is if they lose the first goal because I’ve seen outstanding game management from United recently. I’m referring to sitting in, protecting their box, and not being preoccupied with possession. I’m concerned if Liverpool does not score first. I’d be surprised if Klopp didn’t do his usual thing and attempt to rally the troops and take on United.”

“I think United will achieve a draw, they won’t win. I believe there will be a draw, and if not, Liverpool will win. I don’t think United will win because they haven’t performed well on the road this season.”

Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton


Murphy believes United have little chance of winning this game, but we have to disagree.

Liverpool’s form has been awful, while United are riding a wave. This marks a tremendous opportunity for the Red Devils to produce a statement win and show the Premier League that they are truly back in business.

This is going to be a close fight, and it would be foolish to dismiss any possible outcome at this time.

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