The defender “has chosen” to join Manchester United. A free loan with repaid salaries would be provided

Sergio Dest
Sergio Dest

The transfer of Sergio Dest to Manchester United is still a hot topic in the Catalan media, and Sport has just made a remark that appears to bode well for the Premier League team

Their most recent report claims that the defender “has chosen” to join the English team and has informed Barcelona of his choice. Dest has been viewed as a player in Xavi Hernandez’s plans for the Camp Nou who could bring in some cash and be removed from the wage bill.

Sergio Dest
Sergio Dest

Sport, however, no longer thinks the transfer would be as advantageous for Barcelona as was first anticipated. According to reports, should Manchester United and the Blaugrana come to an agreement, there won’t be a fee paid and the Catalan club may even be required to continue paying a portion of the player’s salary unless there is a last-minute surprise.

That would entail a loan without a loan fee and only a fraction of compensation being paid by the Red Devils.

Although there isn’t a full understanding among the kids just yet, the perception is that if Manchester United does reach an arrangement, it will be one that appears to be biased in their favor.

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