Simon Jordan says he is pulling for Rangers to win the championship because of a “irritating” Celtic icon.

After being displeased with the Celtic manager, the talkSport host is hoping Philippe Clement’s team can win the championship.

Simon Jordan acknowledges that Brendan Rodgers “irritates” him, which is why he is supporting Rangers in the Scottish Premiership title match.

After losing to rivals Celtic and their own team over the weekend—the first time in six years—Philippe Clement’s team leads the league by two points. On Saturday, Motherwell defeated Celtic 2-1 at home to inflict Clement’s first home loss during his leadership. That gave the Hoops a chance to take the top spot back, but they were unable to stop Hearts at Tynecastle as the ten-man champions lost 2-0.

Rodgers may find himself in hot trouble as a result of the loss since he questioned the qualifications of the referees, namely VAR John Beaton. After just 16 minutes, Yang’s yellow card for catching Alex Cochrane with a high boot was changed to a red after a VAR check, leaving the visitors down to 10 men. Then, despite having his back to the ball when it landed on his arm, Tomoki Iwata was ruled to have handled it in the area, earning the Jambos a contentious spot kick.

The competition for the premier league title is expected to be fierce, but Jordan has stated that he is rooting for Rangers to win, primarily because he disapproves of Rodgers’ behavior.

“I’m supporting Rangers in Scotland,” the co-host of talkSport declared. I become annoyed with Brendan. I was irritated by some of his behavior at Leicester.

Jordan has already made threats against Rodgers. Why the Irishman was thinking of coming back to Parkhead in the summer before his position was official baffled him. “With all due respect to Celtic, I’m not sure what that says about where his career is going,” he remarked if he returned to the team. However, they will have a competent management.

“If that’s the path that either side decided to go, I would be shocked. Since you can hear Celtic supporters being disappointed in him or disillusioned with the manner he left in the background. He was somewhat to blame for this team’s relegation, which is regrettably the case when one is evaluated by their most recent experience.

Thus, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is his current iteration right now. Whether Celtic thinks that’s good enough, and if Celtic wants to include him again. Since I don’t think it’s a good fit, I would be shocked.

“It doesn’t appear to fit economically, and it doesn’t seem to fit with where he wants to manage, as he definitely moved to Scotland in order to return to the Premier League. Saying, “I’ll sneak back to Scotland to give myself another chance to return to the league that I actually want to manage in,” creates a very weird situation.

Jordan had called Rodgers a “copy” earlier in the season when he was smitten with Philippe Clement. “I don’t think Brendan Rodgers is at it,” he stated. It seems to me that he is a self-parody. Although they are currently engaged in combat, I believe that Celtic still has the advantage in probability.”





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