Report: Before Real Madrid can act, Liverpool is prepared to complete a £61 million trade.


According to rumours, Liverpool is reportedly prepared to buy Enzo Fernández before Real Madrid can do so. But Benfica won’t let him go for a pittance

Jurgen Klopp.
Jurgen Klopp

This was provided by Marca. They assert that because they regard Enzo Fernández as the ideal component to repair their midfield, Liverpool is now “ready” to make a bid for him

Real Madrid aren’t yet ready to move, which is significant. They prefer to wait until the summer, when they will consider the Argentine as a possible replacement for Jude Bellingham. They want Enzo if they are unable to sign the Englishman

However, Benfica is reluctant to let go of their player so quickly. Enzo, who was only brought in for £10 million in the summer, is expected to fetch at least £61 million, according to Marca

Enzo Fernández
Enzo Fernández

Enzo Fernández is available to sign with Liverpool.

The fascinating thing about this is that Enzo is unquestionably Liverpool’s equivalent of Bellingham. So, if they’re prepared to sign him, that may mean one of two things

The first is that they already know about Bellingham and don’t understand it. If that’s the case, moving for Enzo now and ruling out finishing with either makes sense. That would seem disastrous

Enzo Fernandez
Enzo Fernandez

The other is Liverpool’s desire for both. Now, obviously, we are praying for that ideal outcome. But that would require spending £200 million on the midfield in 2023, and we just don’t buy that. That kind of spending has never been made by the Reds

Meanwhile, Liverpool might feel that they are falling behind Manchester City and that immediate action is required. Bellingham and Enzo feel like the world’s top young midfielders, so spending a ton of money on them would be exactly what they need to keep up the pace.

Additionally, the contracts of James Milner, Naby Keita, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain expire in 2023. That would make room for two significant signings and clear up pay space. We can therefore see it on that level.

But once more, £200 million on two acquisitions? It just doesn’t seem very “Liverpool” or maybe even “FSG.”


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