Pep Guardiola has stated his intentions if Manchester City is found guilty of financial doping.


If an independent commission agrees with the Premier League’s claims of financial rules violations, Manchester City could face a slew of penalties

Worse further for the Sky Blues, it appears that famous manager Pep Guardiola may leave the club quickly if he follows through on his previous comments on financial foul play, as stated by GiveMeSport in a tweet.

The Premier League chair’s dedication to defending the reputation of the English top flight, combined with the independent commission’s ability to issue any such other order as it considers fit,’ might leave the Eithad-based business facing a judicial battle merely to stay in the league.

If the Cityzens are found to have violated financial rules for a decade or longer, the potential of expulsion must be examined, not just to safeguard the league but also as a preventative measure to prevent future infractions by other organizations.

With money coming into the league in insane amounts (fans need only look at Chelsea’s out-of-control spending in January before to UEFA’s vow to eliminate the Financial Fair Play contracts loophole), it’s quite evident that such an incident could very well occur again.

If a firm precedent is not made, not only do we have every right to feel aggrieved as Manchester City’s closest adversary in recent years, but the entire football world.


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