Kevin Wimmer believes an old Tottenham Hotspur teammate is the “best player ever” – not Harry Kane.

Kevin Wimmer
Kevin Wimmer

Kevin Wimmer says Mousa Dembele is one of the most outstanding players ever, demanding that his previous Tottenham colleague might have effectively been the best player at a club like Genuine Madrid thriving

One just needs to perceive how Dembele is spoken about by his previous Spikes and Belgium partners to realize exactly the way in which profoundly appraised he was by the people who played close by him.

Ousmane Dembélé
Ousmane Dembélé

Tottenham’s downfall under Mauricio Pocehttino started when Dembele left the club back in 2019 to move to China, with the Lilywhites attempting to supplant him.

Wimmer conceded that the midfielder was unique and that he easily overwhelmed in preparing consistently, adding that it was not difficult to play with the satiny left-footer.

Is Dembele one of the most misjudged ever?
The previous Spikes place back told The Athletic: ” I generally, consistently say it — the best player of all time. This person could without much of a stretch play for Genuine Madrid thriving and be perhaps of the best player.

“Such a lot of class, never loses the ball, regardless of whether he has a few rivals. He was serious areas of strength for so specialized, and his left foot was great. He was quick.

Ian Wright
Ian Wright

“He was so significant for ourselves and furthermore for me — when he was playing as a No 6 before me, you generally realized you were protected. Since, supposing that there are no choices, there’s dependably the choice to play to Mousa.

“In preparing, when we did four-a-side games and competitions, when you were playing with Mousa, you realized you planned to win. His group will continuously win. ( Which is) Insane, in light of the fact that we had such a lot of value in the group. He made it look so natural and loads of tomfoolery playing football.

“It was difficult to get the ball from him and he was all the while moving so quick, I don’t have the foggiest idea how he made it happen. Consistently. At times players are astonishing in preparing however at that point the game is different in light of the fact that there’s more strain, it’s quicker. Yet, he was dependably something similar.”

Wimmer additionally talked with overflowing enthusiasm about his previous Tottenham chief, Mauricio Pochettino, making sense of that the Argentine was careful in what he expected during preparing yet additionally made the meetings fun.

Daniel Farke's
Daniel Farke’s

Wimmer said about the ebb and flow Chelsea chief: ” He had an excellent blend of being quiet and tomfoolery in preparing, however at that point likewise being truly engaged.

“He had his ideal vision of how he needed to play and afterward every preparation he clarified it for each player. Assuming you have the ball here, these players must be there and these are what your choices will be.”

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Dembele was ostensibly the most press-safe player throughout the entire existence of the game as his gigantic strength, remarkable equilibrium and fast feet, were a seriously one of a kind mix, which one doesn’t track down in a similar footballer.

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