John Aldridge slams Liverpool player making £130,000 each week, calling him “a liability.”

John Aldridge slams Liverpool
John Aldridge slams Liverpool

Naby Keita, a midfielder for Liverpool, received harsh criticism from John Aldridge on Twitter for his performance against Crystal Palace on Saturday night in the Premier League at Selhurst Park in London

According to the former Liverpool player, Keita is “a liability.”

Aldridge urged Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, to remove the £130,000-per-week (SalarySport) midfielder as soon as possible.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

For the Reds, Keita kicked off the game.

After the midfielder received a caution, Klopp chose to substitute him off at halftime.

After halftime, Harvey Elliott took Keita’s place.

And the child outperformed Keita.

Naby Keita
Naby Keita



Naby Keita
Naby Keita

Naby Keita doesn’t, in our opinion, have a future at Liverpool.

At the conclusion of the current season, the 27-year-contract old’s with the former Premier League and UEFA Champions League champions expires.

We don’t believe the midfielder’s contract will be extended by the Reds.

Keita has had injury issues while at Liverpool, but when he has played, he hasn’t really contributed much that stands out.

We believe that the player would benefit more if he left Liverpool at the end of the season and joined a new team where he could start over.


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