“If someone surpasses me, they had better be extremely talented” – Jimmy Connors with Novak Djokovic nearing his record of 109 titles.

With 109 titles to his name, previous World No. 1 Jimmy Connors holds the record for the most titles won on the ATP visit.

This record, be that as it may, is currently under danger from Novak Djokovic.

At the as of late closed Paris Bosses, Djokovic set up areas of strength for a to come out on top for a record-expanding seventh championship at the ATP Experts 1000 occasion. In doing as such, he additionally turned into the principal player to come out on top for 40 Experts 1000 championships.

By and large, the Serbian currently has 97 singles titles to his name, including a record 70 ‘Major Titles’ — 24 Huge homeruns, 40 Bosses, and a joint-record six ATP Finals.Former American star Connors, talking on the most recent episode of the Benefit Connors webcast, has expressed that it takes a unique player to break his 109 titles record.
“I’ve had a decent run. I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is, the number, you know, 109 has stood. Also, assuming someone will come up and beat that, God damn, best of luck to him! At times being in the finals ain’t something terrible.
“I completed quite a while in the past, quite a while back with 109, it has stood quite a while and on the off chance that someone passes me, you should be pretty friggin great, you know? Also, assuming that occurs, on you go,” he said.

The 71-year-old likewise expressed that he seriously loves Djokovic and that he isn’t annoyed about having his record removed as records are intended to be broken.
“I’m a Djoker fan. I’m since I like the manner in which he plays, he takes the ball early, he’s sort of an old-schooler. The manner in which he plays and gets in there and attempts to be forceful on their profits and push ahead, etc. I like that since he’s an old-schooler.

What’s more, as far as he might be concerned, go far it. Assuming that you play another a few years or whatever and sidestep me. Do I like the record? No doubt, yet records are made to be broken, isn’t that so? What’s more, assuming someone comes up and does it, take the plunge. Great on you,” he added.

Jimmy Connors: “How long is it going to be to pass Novak Djokovic? It very well may be 100 years!”
While commending Novak Djokovic for his life span and accomplishment on the ATP visit, Jimmy Connors additionally expressed that the Serbian, assuming he breaks the 109-title record, won’t have his achievements eclipsed at any point in the near future.

“My 109 has taken it 40 years to be 109. How long is it going to be to pass him? It very well may be 100 years, who can say for sure! Since the present moment, and I would rather not say it like this, since there ain’t no one moving forward and winning six to eight competitions or eight to ten competitions per year, that’s what no one’s doing. Not even Carlos Alcaraz.

“To arrive at that number, you must beginning winning eight or nine competitions consistently. Perhaps when Djokovic gets it done, he’s gone and perhaps Alcaraz begins doing that and quickly passes up him, who can say for sure?

“However, to break that measure of competitions, you must have one year some place along the line where you win 12 to 15 competitions here, 10 or 12 competitions, to truly sling yourself,” he added.
Djokovic and Alcaraz will get back to activity this week when they participate in the year-finishing ATP Finals in Turin



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