‘He wants Liverpool,’ a journalist says of a £40 million player who wants to join Jurgen Klopp’s squad in January.

Andre Trindade
Andre Trindade

Andre Trindade has been the discussion of the exchange window over the course of the last week

The Brazilian appears to be allowed to leave Fluminense after their Copa Libertadores win, and numerous English clubs are watching out for potential threats over this present circumstance.

Andre Trindade's
Andre Trindade’s

Liverpool have been the group generally unequivocally connected with the midfielder, and talking on The Redmen television, Emmanuel Luiz has shared a report on the youth’s circumstance.

The Brazilian writer is inflexible that the £40m man needs to join the Reds, in any case, Fulham are as of now offering the best terms to Fluminense for the South American star.

Andre needs to join Liverpool
Luiz shared what he is familiar with Andre.

“So I will be distinctly for you all. We previously discussed £40m being the delivery provision. Fulham and Liverpool were in the race, Andre truly needed Liverpool around mid-year, it remains truly clear, Andre needs Liverpool, yet the main thing at the present time, Andre needs Liverpool, however Fulham, and I affirmed this, I addressed a few people at the club and they said that Andre will play for the club that makes the best proposal to Fluminense,” Luiz said.

Andre Wisdom
Andre Wisdom

“He needs Liverpool, and Liverpool needs to pay like £30m, yet what Fulham did, they shared with Fluminense, he has a £40m discharge condition, what we believe should do as Fulham is to pay the delivery proviso and have some kind of extra statement, Andre needs Liverpool, however my thought process will happen is that assuming Liverpool accompany £35m for himself and a 20% proviso, they will offer to Liverpool.”

This is truly challenging for Liverpool to explore.

On one hand, this is an extremely capable young fellow who could proceed to turn into a star, in any case, then again, £35m is huge load of cash for a never played in player Europe.

Obviously, the stars of South American can be worth very much more than that – simply view at Julian Alvarez and Vinicius Jr as specific illustrations, however these sorts of moves can likewise be enormous bets.

Julian Alvarez
Julian Alvarez

Fulham give off an impression of being ahead in this race right now, however with the player favoring a transition to Anfield, don’t discount Liverpool presently.

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