Darwin Nunez claims that Liverpool has a player who is better than Lionel Messi.


Darwin Nunez believes Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool colleague, is better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo


Nunez was questioned for his opinion on which superstar is better in a video posted by Twitter user Mirza Jasim Baig.

But the Liverpool striker wasn’t having any of it. Nunez throws a curveball into the mix after a brief chuckle and a glance at Salah. “Salah,” he says, a cheeky smile on his face. “Salah.”

Salah and Nunez’s understanding is developing.

Of course, nobody believes Salah is a greater player than Messi. Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to see Nunez acknowledge that Mo should be included in these types of discussions.

This season, the two have formed a solid partnership. Nunez’s three assists for Liverpool have all gone to his Egyptian teammate.


Salah also assisted on the 23-year-first old’s goal for his new side, Fulham, in August.

As Liverpool’s attacking threat for the time being, the pair have demonstrated a strong understanding of each other.

Nunez’s difficulties in front of goal in Liverpool’s last two games have been well chronicled. The Uruguayan has a stunning number of lost opportunities.

Salah, on the other hand, has no such issues. In reality, the 30-year-old is flying under the radar with Liverpool and having a quietly great season.

Darwin Nunez's
Darwin Nunez’s

True, his seven Premier League goals are fewer than he would have expected at this time in the season. Given that Erling Haaland now has 20 goals for Manchester City, his Golden Boot race appears to be over.

Mo, on the other hand, has added seven more in the Champions League and one in the Carabao Cup. Chuck scored his 16th goal in 23 games versus City in the Community Shield. Not quite Messi-like, but Darwin has a valid point.

Other News 

Charlie McNeill has a big few months to try and break into Manchester United first team

Charlie Martin McNeill
Charlie Martin McNeill

In order to help the squad score goals in the second half of the season, Manchester United is looking for a new striker

According to a BBC Sport story, United is apparently considering emergency loan arrangements due to a lack of finances

Therefore, following Marcus Rashford’s path to fame and graduating from Manchester United’s academy would be ideal

Charlie McNeill, who aspires to be Erik ten Hag’s solution, please step up

To give Charlie McNeill an opportunity
Charlie McNeill, the first youth player to receive his first team bow under Erik ten Hag, made his Manchester United debut earlier this season against Real Sociedad

Now, in a few years, will McNeill just be remembered as a footnote, or can he make this into something more significant


For about a year, McNeill has been on the outside of the first team. When the squad was short on forwards owing to injuries last season, there were cries for United to bring him through

Charlie McNeill was given a chance and made his Manchester United debut earlier this season against Real Sociedad, becoming the first young player to do so under Erik ten Hag

Will McNeill only be remembered as a footnote in a few years or can he turn this into something more significant

McNeill has been outside the first team for over a year. There were shouts for United to bring him through last season when the team was short on forwards due to injury

Since his six-minute appearance in the Europa League when McNeill was 19 years old, he has not received another opportunity. Since then, he has just once made the bench

The young player did appear in United’s winter friendly against Cadiz and Real Betis, but they came as a replacement and lacked opportunities to contribute offensively

Erik ten Hag
Erik ten Hag

McNeill will be motivated to succeed after seeing teammate Alejandro Garnacho, who won the FA Youth Cup, make the transition

McNeill has an excellent scoring record in the club’s academy and scored five goals during United’s Youth Cup winning run, close to Garnacho’s seven

He has scored 46 goals for United’s academy squads, including four this year. He’ll be eager to get 2023 started

The talented former Manchester City player is at an age where he needs to play either on a regular basis or on a loan

However, given the lack of striker options, it’s unlikely that United will loan him out. In order to avoid being caught in the middle, United should give McNeill the chance to demonstrate his abilities


He should sit on the bench for United’s Carabao Cup quarterfinal matchup against Charlton

If Ten Hag has the guts to take a risk, United might find something more valuable in McNeill than a temporary loan of a mercenary

He might just require one start. Simply ask Marcus Rashford how his chance went

Playing history of Charlie McNeill
Name in full: Charlie Martin McNeill
Date of birth: September 9, 2003, age 19
English citizenship
the birthplace of Droylsden
Role: Striker

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