‘Could be the same’: Emile Heskey believes Liverpool is on the verge of signing their very own. Ronaldo, Cristiano

Emile Heskey
Emile Heskey

This summer’s recruitment of Liverpool’s Jude Bellingham could have the same impact as Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Real Madrid in 2009

Former Liverpool striker Emile Heskey agrees. When asked about Liverpool’s pursuit of the Borussia Dortmund midfielder, Heskey drew an unexpected connection.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

“Jude certainly fits the description [for Liverpool]. “Jude would be a good fit for a number of clubs,” the 45-year-old remarked. “You hope that Liverpool can be the ones at the top of that list because you look at what he could achieve there.

When you consider what Cristiano Ronaldo achieved by moving to Real Madrid in his peak, and people wondered, “Why is he going to Real Madrid?” But he saw an opportunity to be the man to lead the team back to the top, and Jude might be in the same scenario.”

Although we’re not convinced that’s a valid comparison, we’d love to see it happen!

Liverpool are attempting to sign a future superstar.
The analogy from Heskey is a little shady, but the logic is sound. Bellingham has the potential to be the face of Liverpool’s next great team.

Julian Ward'
Julian Ward

That will almost certainly be the pitch Julian Ward, Jurgen Klopp, and co are making to the 19-year-old as they make one more drive to entice him.

Certainly, He could show up at the Santiago Bernabeu, just like Ronaldo did fourteen years ago. But, Cristiano was already a bona fide superstar at the time. His standing isn’t similar to Jude’s now that he’s twenty-four and the current Ballon d’Or winner.

Despite the fact that there were many other big names in Madrid at the time, Ronaldo was always going to be the main man.

Julian Ward
Julian Ward

He wouldn’t be surprised if Bellingham followed in his footsteps this summer. Huge stars like Toni Kroos and Luka Modric may or may not return next season, but Karim Benzema will. Eduardo Camavinga, Vinicius Junior, Federico Valverde, and others will benefit as well. Bellingham would be nothing more than a gear in the winning machine.

That would not be the situation in Liverpool. Although there are other huge names at the club, the Dortmund man would have the authority to make himself the major one. Definitely in the next five years. At some point in the future, you can see the captain’s armband on his bicep at Anfield. The same cannot be true about Madrid.

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