‘Atletico Madrid had better hope,’ says Jamie Carragher after Celtic’s 6-0 defeat.


Jamie Carragher responded to Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic experiencing a 6-0 loss to Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night in the UEFA Champions Association

It was a night to forget for Bhoys in Gathering E, with Jamie Carragher expressing ‘we should not fail to remember that Celtic were down to ten men’, as he told CBS Sports on Paramount+ (07/11/23 at 10:55 pm).

Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher

That early red card for Daizen Maeda was a body catastrophe for the group in light of the fact that, the scoreline was at that point 1-0 to the home side, and it just turned the screw further in support of themselves – A BBC journalist shared how Brendan Rodgers responded on the touchline to the red card.

That keeps Celtic on one point in the gathering, with that main point at home to Atletico Madrid, with chances of advancing to the knockout stages currently everything except through of the window.

There is as yet an opportunity of Europa Association football, yet you figure greatest focuses will be required, with Carragher noticing how Atletico Madrid will require some help from the Scottish heroes.

The La Liga monsters are presently sitting top of Gathering E and Carragher believes that Atletico Madrid will currently ‘better expectation’ that Celtic can take focuses off Lazio and Feyenoord.

Luis Palma
Luis Palma

Celtic loss against Atletico Madrid
“We should not fail to remember Celtic were down to ten, so it was continuously going to be an extreme night for them,” said Carragher. ” It was about Celtic attempting to hold the score down, they just proved unable.

“The issue they (Atletico Madrid) had is they dropped focuses against Celtic (in the 2-2 draw), no one had dropped focuses against Celtic up to this point. They played them two times, so it was crucial that they got four brings up of the six against Celtic.

“Presently, they better expectation that Celtic can perhaps take focuses off another person in the last several games and they go about their own business also (to advance).”

Chris Sutton
Chris Sutto

What next for Celtic?
One more concealing in the Heroes Association. Another season where it appears like there will be no Europe after Christmas.

It’s disappointing and irritating for the fans. Be that as it may, how do Celtic resolve the issue?

Some would point towards what the club do in the exchange market and how that additional gamble should be taken to make that additional stride in Europe.

On the off chance that that doesn’t occur, then, at that point, circumstances like this will just rehash the same thing. Facing that additional challenge is worth the effort due to the award toward the finish, all things considered,

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