At this rate,’ Jose Enrique expects that Liverpool will suffer a setback this season.

Jose Enrique
Jose Enrique

Liverpool finishing in the top ten of the Premier League this season would be a “miracle,” according to Jose Enrique

The Reds’ terrible season reached a new low this afternoon, as they were defeated by Wolves. Enrique had had enough at halftime, trailing 2-0.

“What else can we say? At this rate, finishing in the top ten will be a miracle,” the former Liverpool left-back wrote on Twitter. “I’m furious right now.”

At this point, who can truly argue with Enrique? With the way they’re playing, eleventh in the table may be as high as they can go. It’s a worrisome time at Anfield.

Jose Enrique
Jose Enrique

Liverpool is staring into the void.

Liverpool aren’t far off where they’d like to be in terms of points. They should be there. But that’s not the issue here.

Instead, it must be stated that the Reds do not appear to be capable of winning. Nowhere in any game. That is quite troubling.

Liverpool has appeared the poorer team this season, even against teams struggling below them.

It’s tough to say why. On paper, the Reds are superior to almost every side in the Premier League. But, whether it’s a lack of physicality or being outplayed, they’ve hardly looked like it this season.


That is understandable at times throughout a campaign. No team will be at its peak for the whole 38-game season. You can even get away with playing poorly for a longer amount of time.

This, however, is not a lull. This season, Liverpool seemed to have given up. They cannot simply show up and expect to be OK. If they continue on this path, they will almost certainly finish in the bottom half of the league this season, if not lower.

Of course, it’s critical not to panic. We know what Liverpool can do on their day. However, as fans, we need to see something soon.

When circumstances are this terrible, relying on past successes isn’t enough. Right now, they appear to be a bottom-half team. Unless they pull their fingers out and regain some pride in their performances, that is where they may wind up.

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