Although Novak Djokovic acknowledges that 2023 isn’t even his best year, he can exceed Roger Federer’s record.

The Serbian tennis player believes he can still go better despite having had another fantastic year that would see him finish at the top of the world rankings.

Although he is only one victory away from surpassing Rodger Federer’s record for the most wins in a calendar year, Novak Djokovic is adamant that 2023 won’t be his best year to date.
The three-time Grand Slam champion from Serbia is headed for yet another record-breaking season, but he insists he can still go better.After defeating Rune, the Serbian responded, “One of the best years,” when asked how this season stacks up against earlier ones.

One of the best, but not the best, I would say.
mean, the fact that I’ve won three out of four Slams and played a final [in] the fourth and it’s still not the best year of my life, it’s quite nice to have that kind of situation.

“It’s the third time in his profession that Djokovic has arrived at every one of the four Huge homerun finals in a season, while its the fourth time he has guaranteed three of the game’s chief occasions in a schedule year. The flow US Open, French Open and Australian Open boss proceeded to guarantee that the current year’s victories are extraordinary, yet he had performed better in past seasons in general.

“It’s certainly quite possibly of the best season. Well, I had several years, I think three [other] times, that I won three out of four Bangs in a season, as 2011, 2015. In those years, I won more matches. All in all, I played more competitions. I was truly, I mean, feeling extremely predominant on the visit.”

“It’s very various conditions this year contrasting with the wide range of various years since I played, what, 10, 11 competitions this year. I played quite well – least of anyone. I just figured out how to top at the right competitions, brilliantly. That is important to me, as a matter of fact.

“All in all, Huge homerun season, truly outstanding without a doubt. Generally, particularly in the several months, I haven’t lost a match since Wimbledon, so I’ve been feeling perfect on the court and playing all around well. Yet, it’s difficult to look at.

Djokovic has come out on top for six championships this year, including two additional Experts wins to take him to a record breaking 40 for his vocation, and his success on the first day of the season implies he as the highest level male player.

Djokovic is next in real life when he faces Jannik Miscreant in the following round of the ATP World Visit Finals on Tuesday (Nov. 14). A success there will mean he has beaten his main 10 opponents on 15 events in 2023 – additional confirmation of his strength.He doesn’t have 10 years left, and he probably won’t actually play as long as he in fact can.

Djokovic Admits He Can ‘Leave Tennis Now’ And Still ‘Be Satisfied’

Novak Djokovic would be fine to leave tennis at the present time, yet he actually has appetite and energy for the game.

Djokovic was gotten some information about his retirement, and keeping in mind that the inquiry appears to be senseless thinking about how well he’s playing, it’s nearer than many individuals could think.

The Serbian as of now has the most great tennis resume ever which could choose to effortlessly leave tennis. He even conceded to being OK with what he accomplished in his vocation up to this point, however there is something else to be finished.I wan likewise love contending, I love the game.
That is my most noteworthy inspiration, truth be told, on the grounds that I’ve made a ton of records, I’ve broken a ton of records and it’s perfect.
However, regardless of whether I leave proficient tennis now and think about all that I’ve done, I can be very, incredibly fulfilled. So I don’t have a strain to continue to contend, yet I actually have want yet have the level.

That is the critical piece of the situation for Djokovic. He’s not doing it since he feels strain to make it happen, however just on the grounds that he loves to make it happen. He’s sound and ready to play at the most elevated level so fundamentally the inquiry is what difference would it make?

I’m playing at an extremely undeniable level, so records are there clearly as a gigantic motivation too, presumably, and history of the game. I actually need to make my own set of experiences and history of tennis and find out how far I can turn out.

He’ll get an opportunity to make some more history. In the principal match against Holger Rune at the 2023 ATP Finals, he gets an opportunity to seal his completion as the world number one, which would be a significant accomplishment. He’ll clearly vie for the prize also.




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