According to a source, fighting between Olympiakos and West Ham fans began before the game.

David Moyes
David Moyes

Olympiakos fans have been associated with a conflict with the English media on the ball against West Ham on Thursday (26 October), as indicated by the Day to day Mail

The paper covered its site on Wednesday (25 October) that the columnists were given a “threatening gladly received” when they showed up at the Karaiskakis Arena for the pre-match public interview.


It said their appearance included X-evaluated put-downs, spit and hurled rolls of sellotape from the Athens-based club’s ultras, who were inside the arena setting up a tifo for the Europa Association installation against the Sledges.


Assuming there is one thing that can be ensured for the conflict against Olympiakos tonight, it’s that there will be a savage climate inside the arena.

The Greek fans are known for establishing a threatening climate and it’ll be the same as they hope to get one over West Ham to hand the guests their most memorable loss in Europe in 17 games.

The Sledges will be hoping to proceed with their strong beginning to their European mission, having gotten triumphs in every one of their initial two matches.

David Moyes
David Moyes

Be that as it may, they should be far superior to they were against Aston Estate on Sunday (22 October) in the wake of losing 4-1 at Manor Park following a frustrating execution.

David Moyes is probably going to make two or three changes, however he will in any case be quick to play major areas of strength for a to guarantee that we stay sufficiently cutthroat to guarantee a triumph.

In other West Ham news, the Mallets need to sign a forward named “fantastic” by Neymar as his club need to sell him.

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