A key rich person in Boston sports has not ruled out investing in Liverpool.


Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, are looking for new investors for the Premier League team, and one potential candidate has already made his interest known

The Athletic claimed in November that FSG had put Liverpool up for sale, but it has since been revealed that the American owners are now searching for investors rather than a full takeover.

John Alridge
John Alridge

According to the Liverpool Echo, Stephen Pagliuca, the owner of Italian club Atalanta as well as the Boston Celtics NBA team, has been linked to potential investment.

The US billionaire, who has led operations at investment firm Bain Capital for the last 30 years, was involved in the Chelsea bidding process last year, reaching the final stages before losing out to Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital.

When asked if he would invest in Liverpool, the owner of the Boston Celtics did not rule it out.

Pagliuca told the Liverpool Echo that when questioned about investing in either Liverpool or Manchester United at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit:

Jamie Carragher
Jamie Carragher

“I can’t discuss directly about any transactions we are working on due of confidentiality agreements but certainly we are aware of those transactions.

“The question on those deals in general is what price level do we believe is sustainable? Certainly, the Chelsea process, which resulted in a record price, has undoubtedly spurred others to try to monetise clubs that they have held for a long time, and we are certainly in an era where prices have been driven up.

“Everyone who buys a club has to examine the economic opportunity, how much money we have to put in to keep up the quality and what that will cost you. That’s what we do with everything we look at.”


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